The kittens Ginger and Ale dash into the room, ready to raise havoc. They run in circles around the bed before Ale skids towards a rug in the center of the room. The girl on the bed watches them amusedly, wondering if they have plans to become stunt drivers when they grow up. As if on cue, Ginger gracefully executes a flying leap onto the bed and slides across to the other side. But the girl is too fast for him! She snatches him up and gives him a cuddle. Temporarily distracted, he wonders what she is up to sitting by her lonesome self. He notices she is working on her laptop–that thing with the clickity-clackity buttons–and he decides to help her by pressing some of those keys she seems to find so fascinating. However, she is far from thrilled and keeps pushing his paw away. Indignant at having his help refused, he turns his attention to the much more pressing matter of stalking Ale who is currently engrossed in chewing the tassels attached to the rug. Perhaps he needs an extra set of teeth (and claws) to help him rip up that fabric?
A feline philanthropist’s work is never done.

2 thoughts on “Peer-reviewed Writing Assignment (Week 3)

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