You move into a new apartment and discover it’s already been rented out…across four dimensions and beyond. Talk about timeshare.


The day we moved in, we found there were many who lived in the same house with us. We probably should have read the brochure more thoroughly. It was gelda’s fault, she always skims through the pages. She thought it was mine, typical minorian, always laying the blame on the other person that is all they teach them on their planet. My parents warned me,

Marry a dorian

Fuck a detorian

And kill a minorian

My parents were racists, that was quite obvious. But spending all your life on dorian does that to a person. But enough of that, if we were moving to the house of mirrored dimensions we may as well have read the brochure. The house was cheap for a reason since we were sharing it with creatures from every dimension in the known and possibly some parts of the unknown universe.

They would flicker in and…

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