Cultural relativism goes both ways. For every person arguing “It’s their culture, we can’t speak up about it,” there’s a person from said culture who supposedly espouses certain values but insists, “It’s our culture, we can’t speak up about it…right now.” When will be a good time to speak up about oppression? When you no longer risk suffering any repercussions for it? Oh yeah, can’t fault that logic.

Not to name names but you’re all included in this–doctors who pride themselves on their professionalism while in the UK but think “informed consent” is too difficult a concept for the natives back home; gay rights activists who march in pride parades in New York but think it’s overkill to call out homophobic insults in Pakistani communities on the Internet; communists who publish pamphlet upon pamphlet about workers’ rights but refuse to pay promised salaries to the people who work for their own companies; feminists who travel all over Pakistan to work for the emancipation of women but also rape women and silence them with threats of stigma and legal action; you are all included in this.

Take a look in the mirror sometime. Integrity: you’re doing it wrong.

What do you think?

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