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64k websites stand blocked in #Pakistan. YouTube for over 2 years. #WordPress today. Will you sit by and let the government empower #PTA to block? National security, religion, sensitivities used as excuses to censor Internet. Now Article 19 being used by the government. Everyone who is affected by the #Wordpress ban, whether directly or indirectly needs to write to PTA & MOITT. They need to hear you on this. See our original stay order against #IMCEW & #PTA & modified due to MOITT’s insistence that ‘terrorist’ websites need to be blocked: … #Pakistan

(Source) is now banned in Pakistan.
Yay, more censorship in the name of religion and dubious “national interests”. That’s exactly what this country needs.

9 thoughts on “ Banned

    1. Thanks. Yes, it is important. I think if the Pakistani and international community could mount pressure, the government would have to revoke the ban. Organizations like Bolo Bhi are challenging it too, along with the bans on a number of other websites.

  1. Safe to say that this nonsensical act of banning exists in India too! That too on the most trivial of things, like a roast!? *facepalm*

      1. True!!!
        Though india’s daughter was banned, it was viewed by about a few lakh people, censorship is misutilized, by banning documentaries that shed the light on the kind of society that we live in but not on lyrics of item songs that objectify women!

  2. What? I can’t believe it. They are far far worse sites to ban if they want to but a blogging platform. It’s too much.

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