I get attached to the darnedest of things. Design–preferably good design–is one of them.

Over the past year, my tastes have shifted definitively towards minimalist looks with strong typography and content-focused design. Spending all your time living, thinking, breathing, and doing digital marketing + web development + copywriting is clearly a quick way to disabuse yourself of any fondness for websites that refuse to believe they’re actually just bits and bytes zipping around over the Internet. With glorious inky serifs on lined paper, Runo Lite is a great-looking theme–one I’ve bookmarked for use in other projects, other times–but I’m no longer okay with shoving a bunch of pretend pages in my readers’ faces.

The Barefoot Bookworm RunoLite Theme
Screenshot edited so it would not actually be website-length long. Last seen on: August 3, 2015.

Goodbye Runo, you will be missed. But hopefully not too much.

What do you think?

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