The Really Really Short Version

The Barefoot Bookworm is one of the many pseudonyms Fatima (a twentysomething student, writer, cat-lover and bibliophile from Pakistan) lurks under.

The Not-So Short Version

(Copied from my Gravatar)

Fatima: A short story aficionado, obsessive-compulsive signer-upper, but won’t be a dental student for much longer.

I’m a geeky twentysomething mad about the written word: whether it’s writing it, editing it, or even just reading it and savoring each stroke of ink (digital or otherwise), I really can’t get enough of it. I learned to read quite late, at the age of 7, so sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to make up for lost time. Other passions include social justice, activism, human languages, science and the liberal arts (especially Psychology), the way-too-liberal arts, Internet technology, anime, retro gaming, cats, and chocolate.

I currently work at isiFederal freelance, doing a lot of things at once but not as quickly as I’d like. I may have varied interests and aptitudes, but I only have two hands! (And also two kittens who like to get in the way of those hands. Such are the joys of working from home.)

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