RPGs: Relentlessly Persistent Girls

Choose your own adventure.

Helen_Vincent_Relentlessly Persistent Girls RPG
Helen of Troy
Guinevere_Vincent_Relentlessly Persistent Girls RPG
Queen Guinevere
Ophelia_Vincent_Relentlessly Persistent Girls RPG
Susan_Vincent_Relentlessly Persistent Girls RPG
Susan Pevensie


Text/myth poetry and original series idea: Hannah a.k.a. Cassandrha
Design concept: Vincent  a.k.a. Hero of Nowhere

Hymn to the Stars

Grand Canyon Night Sky Photo by Shot Rockers

For someone standing on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on a moonless night, the brightest feature of the sky is not the Milky Way but the glow of Las Vegas, a hundred and seventy-five miles away.

David Owen


Mankind, obscured by its own brightness.


Soundtrack: “Hymn to the Stars” by Chris Schweitzer (Starbound OST)